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The Story

When we were in Loughborough last month with The Crowded House, we joined them for some bible storying.

I have read quite a bit about storying before and seen some storying done before but what I saw in Loughborough really sparked my imagination as something that we could do here in Woodstock.


It was really simple; hot chocolate, some cakes and other sweet stuff, a nice mix of mature Christians, some new believers (converted in part through their interaction with the The Story) and some non-Christians.  The atmosphere was relaxed and easy-going and yet focussed on hearing the story, re-telling the story and reflecting on the story.  Without any great monologue or rigid teaching structure from the leader we got the main idea, reflected on implication and thought about what this could mean for our lives (with a few sidetracks along the way).  Jonny’s wicked sense of humour probably really helped the atmosphere and communication of the message.

In February next year we are inviting some friends, neighbours, long-time Christians and other assorted sorts along to our house on a Sunday evening for some food, and some story.  We thought we might play with some video or other creative ideas to get everyone participating and engaged in The Story.

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