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Mike Breen: State of the Evangelical Union

This is a very interesting article by Mike Breen of 3DM. Lots of food for thought. Does anyone want to start a conversation on some of his thoughts?

Here are a couple of quotes I will be chewing on:

“You get a missional movement by starting a discipling movement. For too long we’ve had the missional conversation in lieu of the discipling conversation.”

“If you do discipleship, it means you’ll be creating leaders. Creating leaders rather than managing volunteers will make you re-think your Leadership conversation. And releasing Leaders into the missional frontier to make disciples will make you re-think you Missional conversation.”

“One of the things we try to ask worship leaders is this: “If you didn’t have an instrument and couldn’t sing, would everyone still see you as a leader in your church?” The sad fact is this isn’t often the case. Many worship leaders are hired guns and without the talent of their instruments or vocals, they would be little use to the church.”

“There has been so much talk about Missional Communities and discipleship in the last year, but people forget one grounding reality from the scriptures: In the New Testament, discipleship and mission always find their flourishing in an extended family. But in the last 100 years, we’ve really lost the extended family and we’ve lost the oikos on mission. (Oikos being the Greek word used in the New Testament for “households” that refers to the extended families existing as households on mission for the first 300 years of the life of the church).”

“If you don’t have Family on Mission, discipleship, leadership and mission aren’t possible. Family on Mission is the context needed for the rest to flourish. And at the end of the day, I want to be part of a movement that puts missional discipleship back into the hands of every-day people. You get that by learning Family on Mission.”

You can read the whole thing here


Is Evangelicalism Middle-Class?

A growing suspicion has been creeping up on me over the last few days…

Evangelicalism is middle-class with its desires and values and structures.  Seen in its professional clergy, reliance on knowledge, “family church” structures and busy programmes.

Pentecostalism (and some parts of the Charismatic movement) is working class (with its inclusive, grass-roots and sometimes anti-intellectualism)

Liberalism is elitist with its highly intellectual academics and convoluted theories of history and biblical studies.

Mainline traditionalism (in South African this can have a liberal, charismatic or evangelical flavour) thrives in pre-modern settings (or non-modern) settings with its regularity, ordered rituals and sense of belonging to something bigger.

The Charismatic movement has its greatest appeal among post-moderns, with its tendency towards personal experience, hyped-up music and reliance on feelings.

DISCLAIMER: I know that these are broad and sweeping statements and cannot be universally true.

BUT: is there some general sense of truth here? Do these perceptions ring true for you?