My name is John…

I am a native born resident of the most beautiful city in the world

I drink my coffee too strong

I talk too much… and too loudly

I always forget the details

I make great popcorn

I am a father to two boys… who come with their own sound effects included

I often don’t finish my sentences

I struggle with being white

I am a Christian… yes the real type

I feel most alive when hiking up a mountain

I love the church… and wish we would not make it so complicated sometimes

I think out loud

I am a dreamer

I married way above myself

I think Test Cricket is the highest form of sporting endeavour

Words inspire me

I believe being missional is all about planting the gospel in a community and allowing church to grow contextually for “this people in this place”

I am an evangelical… no not that kind.  The one that believes the Bible is true and that Jesus died on the cross for my sins and to heal the whole world

I am justified by grace (I have nothing to prove)

I am humbled by the gospel (I come empty-handed)

I am learning to live out of the peace, joy and hope of the gospel

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