There has got to be a better way?

“There has got to be a better way for wealthy churches to partner with churches that are in deprived communities. You know a number of years ago I heard an African-American gentleman who is the head of a ministry that is in a deprived community and he was speaking to the leadership of a very white very wealthy church and this African-American leader said to this very wealthy church that was supporting his ministry I need to confess something to you. I’ve been lying to you for the last ten years. Because you folks want to send short-term teams into my church and into my community and I make up stuff for you to do. I’ve had you paint the walls of my office so many times that the paint is starting to chip off and you folks go out into the community and you do all kinds of crazy things that I spend weeks mopping up after you because of the chaos you’ve created and I keep on telling you that I want you to do this stuff because quite frankly I need your financial support.”

Watch the rest of this challenging video clip from Brian Fikkert below.

Brian is the co-author of the book When Helping Hurts. You can download a free e-book version here.


2 thoughts on “There has got to be a better way?

  1. Corrie

    Hi John

    Thanks. I need to read this book. Had to stop some folk with good intentions wanting to start projects in a poorer area, They make an assumption on what is needed and sommer want to go and do it (and teach the community how to carry on the project when they leave). Knowing a little bit about participatory research, made me realise how inappropriate some of these projects suggestions could be. I may have an idea what not to do, or how not to do it; but I am stumped when it comes to what to do and how to do it.

    Btw, the ebook is not free any longer. But fairly cheap – About $7.


    1. John Post author

      Being stumped is the best starting point to any such endeavours as it engenders a humility that means we realise we are not the experts and to make any real and significant difference we have to listen and learn and pray like crazy.

      Guess I should have checked the link before posting. I will it now. Thanks for letting me know

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