East City Stories: Brandy Bottle

Feeling a bit under the weather the other day I decided that what was needed was a hot lemon, honey, brandy and disprin “bomb” as we like to call them in our house. So I nipped down to the liquor store to get a small bottle of brandy. On the way there I greeted one of the homeless men that I recognised from around the neighbourhood. I don’t know him really well but we knew each other well enough to greet as we passed.

As I came out of the shop clutching my purchase my new friend spied me and practically began to dance, shifting from one foot to another.

“Oooooh dis my dag, dis my dag,” (this is my day, this is my day) he said. “Net a klein knitsie, asseblief meneer?” (Just a small drop mister)

Before I could even answer he had swooped up his plastic cup from among his few possession behind him and he held it out to me expectantly. I looked at my empty wrist and exclaimed “Dis so laat en jy droom nog broer?” (It’s so late already en you are still dreaming)

We both laughed and went on our ways. Life in the East City can be colourful some days


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