Sometimes compassion is reckless

Last week when it was raining so heavily there was a knock at my door…

It was a friend of mine (J) and her daughter.  It was dark already and very wet… they were looking for shelter fee.  They had almost nothing and it was getting late. Could we help?

Crisis time!  My boys ran to the door shouting and laughing to see their little friend, as she spun her wet umbrella around with a shriek of joy.

Let me give you a bit of back-story.

We have a standing commitment to them that we pay their shelter fee once a week, every week.  They have a hot shower and join us for supper at least once a week, sometimes more.  We have included them in the community life that is growing around The Story.  We are actively trying to help J find employment.

We have tried to put some structure to our helping J, not because we are trying to keep ourselves safe or free from discomfort.  But honestly we have examined our financial ability as a family and have decided that we can make this commitment to J.  It is meant to provide her with some security of a once a week solid commitment from us for money.  And some dignity of being a part of a community… a family.

But this was not the night we have pledged to help… this is extra… what now?

Honestly we only had enough money to last us maybe until we got paid on Friday.  Our resources are finite!  We don’t have the money.

“No,” I said, “Sorry we just don’t have the money today.”

And I watched them walk away into the rain and the darkness.

Honestly we just did not have the money.  Well, strictly that is not true… we had the money in the house to help our friend today.  But that would have meant that we did not have enough for the rest of the week?  But what exactly was all that stuff that Jesus said about feeding the birds of the air and clothing the birds of the field!  And what about that thing about not worrying about tomorrow?  Would God really take care of me tomorrow if I recklessly followed Him today?

As that picture of those two small figures walking away in the dark and the rain played itself over and over in my mind, I asked myself what would Jesus have done?

The next day there was another knock at the door and amidst the rain and the cold there stood my friend again.  We invited her in, drank some coffee together, repented for our lack of faith and gave her money for the shelter.

I still don’t have all the answers but sometimes I simply choose to have faith.

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2 thoughts on “Sometimes compassion is reckless

  1. Doniwen

    Great man of faith your are bro, and I don’t say that lightly. And all of His promises are true, and He will honor your heart.


    1. John Post author

      Ah Doniwen… that is very kind but the truth is I am a very small man of faith who follows a very big, very beautiful and very gracious God.



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