When discipling your kids backfires

It was one of those terrible fights, that starts about nothing and very quickly gets very ugly.   I know that you know nothing about those but let’s just pretend anyway.  It started just as we both got in the car to make the less than ten minute journey to drop the boys off at school and in that short time we were shouting, gesticulating and finally steaming in silence.  Not pretty.  Not our finest moment.

When we reached the school, I sprung up, wrenched the door open, and offered a terse “Come boys”

But my four-year old had other ideas, he got out of his car seat, put his head between the seats, looked at my wife and rebuking us said “You guys mustn’t fight.” Then he turned his head to look at me and said, “You must love Jesus.”

To my shame it was not well received at that moment.  I mean, who honestly wants to hear the truth you taught your four-year old when you really want to be angry!

Later we apologised to the boys for not trusting Jesus or listening to them when they reminded us.  It was a simple but deeply profound conversation.

On a similar vein: Is Following Jesus Really That Simple?


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