Taking Easter to the streets

This Easter we decided to try express the death and resurrection outside the walls of a church building or the confines of a church service.

It was a low-key time of meeting with brokenness and neglected people as we followed Gods spirit into the streets. We cleaned streets and parks as a sign of restoration and new life.  We ate together as a sign of restored community. We walked the streets praying, listening to God and learning from those we met.  We asked God to show us where to serve as we looked to the future.  We learned fresh things from Scripture because of our experiences on the streets.

We discovered the mix of people in the East City area all over again.  The division between races and classes. The hatred towards us cleaning the streets and the appreciation for us doing it.  We saw the brokenness, the solidarity, the escapism, the hopelessness, the laughter and the lies. We saw our community with fresh eyes and listened with hopeful ears.  We mapped the area and discovered more about what is happening – good and bad.  We prayed for people and shared the Jesus who came to transform the mess in the world at Easter.

It was a good Easter.









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