A Fresh Season of Listening and Learning

Over the past few weeks God has been convicting us afresh of the need to listen, to see and to learn from our community.  It feels as if He is calling us to a fresh season of listening and learning. As a result we have decided to spend two days this Easter weekend (Friday and Saturday) researching, mapping, walking, seeing and praying.

We will begin each day with some teaching and prayer.  We remind ourselves of the gospel, of Christ, who came not to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many.  We also remember that we are wholly dependant on the Holy Spirit who has already gone ahead of us to guide us, soften our hearts, open our eyes and give fruit to our efforts.

After mapping and gathering information on the Friday morning it will be time to get out and get busy in the afternoon. Time to grab a bunch of refuse bags and head out into the streets around our house and clean up all the dirt and litter we can find.  This is a big issue in our area, and a really simple demonstration of our desire to be a blessing to our community.  It is also a simple demonstration of the gospel, the God who cleans up other people’s mess.  And a demonstration of grace – cleaning up the mess we did not make.  Pray that we will get opportunities to explain this gospel of grace to people who ask us why we are cleaning up the streets.

After cleaning up the streets we plan to clean ourselves up a bit and head over to a local hang-out spot for an early supper.

On the Saturday we will spend most of our time in twos or threes walking, praying, and meeting people. As we do this we want to consider questions like what are the needs in our community, where is the brokenness, what is the gospel story that people tell, who/what are the influencers, and where do people gather.  We will finish up our time together with a meal, some prayer, a bit of a debrief and hopefully some dreaming about future plans.

We are hopeful that we will learn more about our community, meet some new friends and have God show us where and with who he wants us to busy ourselves in the next season.

If you want to join us for all or part of the two days drop me a line and I can send you some details.


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