We wanted to connect with our friends who were a part of our spirituality group (“the god group”) last year.  But we thought it would be good to open it up to others as well.  Next thing I knew there was a Facebook Group going and there were 20 or so people invited and I had not even invited anyone yet.  Did I mention that I was making the pizza!!!

In the end there was about 15 adults and 4 kids… People had a lot of fun, it was good to see some of our friends again and the pizza was a definite hit.  A large part of the group had a common connection which sometimes inadvertently alienates those who don’t share the connection, so I would probably try to mix up the group a bit more the next time.  Perhaps it would be good to have some kind of common activity to create a new shared experience.  There was reason that church youth groups always used to have those cheesy ice-breakers…

I Made Pizza... and some!


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