In about an hour or so I will be heading out to this workshop.  I feel a bit like a first year crashing a professors staff meeting, but hopefully I can keep quiet, nod knowingly and not display my ignorance too openly.

I am particularly interested in these questions posed: Why should local churches be interested in this? And how does it fit with the work of our organisations?  These are some issues I have grappled with for a while now and will be hoping to get lots of food for thought today.

What is Transformational Advocacy?


2 thoughts on “What is Transformational Advocacy?

  1. Margie Jansen

    Hi John,

    Be interested to know what you thought of the workshop? Did it answer your questions? Would you recommend the workshops to others if we ran it again?

    Margie from Micah Challenge/The Warehouse


  2. John Post author

    Hi Margie,

    The plan was of course to write a follow up post… good intentions, good intentions…
    I really enjoyed the workshop, it was a helpful introduction and good to interact with others thinking similar things. I was hoping for a bit more depth in thinking through some of the issues I highlighted but it really was a flyover. Perhaps you tried to do too much? I am already convinced of the need to be involved in social justice, transformation etc. My questions though have to do with the church’s unique role as bearers of the gospel and how we do not lose or neglect that (church leaders presumably do need to be giving time to equipping and teaching others) and yet also get involved in the social implications of the gospel without downplaying either or doing either at a superficial level…



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