10 Things I (still) Love about woodstock

Last week we were working through the Porterbrook Training module on Missional Community Life with our learning group recently.  In the unit on Missional Engagement one of the exercises asks us to list ten things you love about your neighbourhood.

I previously posted 10 Things I Love About Woodstock but I thought it might be fun to see if my list needs some updating.

1. The ethnic, economic and cultural diversity

2. I love the proximity to the mountain and Woodstock cave (ok this is a bit of a stretch but it is called Woodstock cave) is one of my favourite spots to pray and stare at the city.

3. You can paint your house (or parts) thereof weird colours and does not look out or strange

4. Jamaica Me Crazy is one of my favourite hang-out spots.  Good food (pizza, burgers), excellent selection of craft beers, sport on the big screen and a overall a good vibe.

5. Love finding bargains and interesting “junk” at the dump, Salvation army shop or a bunch of other (sometimes unnamed) shops around Woodstock.

6. I love the vibe and the feel of the place- creative, noisy, vibrant, loud, colourful, a bit grungy, full of life.

7. It is so central to airports, public transport, major highways, city centre, and just about anywhere you care to go to in the city.  Interesting but useless fact – there is not one single traffic light between my house and the airport!

8. I tutored kids with the Help to Read programme at Mountain Road Primary School last year.  It is not a wealthy school at all but I was seriously impressed.  The effort to beautify it, the passion of the teachers, the library, all the extras like that the school offers.  In fact, next year we are sending our boys there.

9. Love the street art that you can find in all sorts of nooks and crannies all over Woodstock.  We have street art by some of the biggest names in South African street art such as  Freddy Sam and Faith 47.

10. Love that I can still get a great haircut for only R20 from my Congolese barber


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