Mark Miller: Experiential Storytelling

ImageAt the back of Mark Miller’s “Experiential Storytelling: [Re]Discovering Narrative to Communicate God’s Message” was a link to a website for further resources, ideas etc.  When I pointed my browser in search of said website I was informed that I was now free to purchase this domain name, which I took to mean that the website was now defunct.  What I did find however, was a review by Steve McCoy, so I thought I would have a quick peek to see what he said before I posted my own thoughts.

How annoying to find that not only did Steve say everything I wanted to say… but I am sure he said it better.  So rather than clog the already crowded internet with more of the same I thought I would rather cut some thoughts from Steve’s review and point you to the rest of the blog post if you want more.

“I expected more.  It was a fast read, with not a great deal of content.  The book did spark some interesting questions in my head and I learned a few things along the way, but by the end I felt like it never took me where I needed to go.  It never got me into “aha!” stuff.  It never solidified anything I was already thinking. 

It’s possible the issue is partially with me, but the book is explained as a book about “rediscovering narrative,” and I didn’t read it that way.  I felt the point the book ultimately made was to emphasize “sensory” stories over “verbal” stories.  Verbal has a role for Miller, but for this book at least it’s a diminished one.

I think the book serves better as a tool for helping a handful of youth leaders supplement their normal communication of the truth with creative experiences.  Because of the work it would entail, these youth leaders would probably need to be in large churches with lots of youth and a sizeable budget.”

You can read Steve’s whole review here


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