The Crowded House UK Trip 1

This is my second trip to visit The Crowded House in Sheffield, this time Jo and the boys are with me. We have paid hardly anything for this trip, we are really excited and more than a little bit nervous about three and a half weeks in a foreign country (make that another continent!) with two very busy under fives.

Two planes, two trains, a taxi, a whole lot of waiting, being caught in rush-hour at King’s Cross Station and very little sleep we arrived in Sheffield Tuesday afternoon.

A much needed shower, pizza for supper and a very early night followed!  Discovered though that our hosts only drink decaffinated coffee… going to be a rough morning!

Went for a walk in the Sheffield Botanical Gardens Wednesday morning, it was really beautiful and the boys got to run, shout, chase each other and pretend to be bears.  This northern industrial city surprises me more every day I spend here.

Wednesday evening the mini-conference that Jo will be mainly attending while I look after the kids began. They call it a house party, but that just conjures up, for me, images of Tim Chester dropping some rhymes while everyone chants “throw your hands up!”  Apparently it is acceptably understood by British Christians though….

And our hosts bought us some real coffee… true gospel hospitality 🙂

Wednesday evening I did, however, get the opportunity to go to a men’s event with Gavin Peacock (former QPR, Newcastle and Chelsea footballer and TV football pundit), who spoke on Biblical Manhood.  Although as you can see from the picture below he was fascinated by my explanation of the 4-3-3 system in the modern game.

Gavin‘s talk was particularly helpful, below are a few quotes Steve Timmis tweeted.

“God asked Adam, ‘Where are you?’, the Second Adam stepped up to answer and take responsibility.”

“A man can cry & be afraid but a man cannot whine, complain & blame”

“The call to manhood is not a call to be macho but a call to be mature”

“What is it to be a man and not a woman? A defining question of our culture”

“We’re called to be leaders by virtue of the fact that we’re male. It isn’t a competency issue; it’s a design issue”

“Be watchful, stand firm, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love”. (1 Cor 16:13,14). God’s Word to men”

“Overcoming sin in your life isn’t an effort thing so much has a faith thing.”


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