Church plants take innovation and that scares people

Ed Stetzer has been posting some reflections based on his book Viral Churches.

The latest post is called “You Must Overcome Fear to See a Movement”

Here is my favourite quote, similar to some of my recent thinking.

“The truth is, the very nature of church planting usually puts planters on the forefront of innovation within their generation. One of the reasons they are so effective at reaching unchurched people is because they often allow the “how” of doing church planting to be shaped by the who, when, and where of culture. Giving space for this to happen can be a scary thing for other church or denominational leaders. People tend to be afraid of church planters, and in some ways, they probably have reason to be. If we want to see a church planting movement, however, we need to choose to overcome fear”

You can read the whole thing here


6 thoughts on “Church plants take innovation and that scares people

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