The Trinitarian Life Conference

We are hoping to be a part of this conference when we go over to Sheffield in June for a time of refreshing, relationship-building and talking about church-planting.

That is if our struggles with the Department of Home Affairs can be resolved in time… We would value your prayers if you could pray with us for this.  Basically we need his amended birth certificate to be completed before we can get his passport before we can buy tickets before we can get visa… and we only have a month and a half left…

Having said that if you are able to get to Sheffield UK over this time this conference will be well worth it.  Here is a bit of a blurb from Tim Chester’s blog

Discipleship can easily be forgotten when churches focus on mission. Or it can be reduced to a series of courses and programmes that fail to engage with every day life. The Trinitarian Life: Church and Mission in the Light of the Doctrine of God is a chance to explore the theology and practice of missional church. Together we will explore how we can root discipleship in the life of the Trinity.

How can we encourage one another to know God?
How can we make disciples who make disciples?
How can we shape church life for mission?
Whether you are a church member or in church leadership, this conference will equip you to think though discipleship in light of who God is, enabling our practice to be shaped by our theology.

Speakers: Steve Timmis and Tim Chester

Plus break out sessions lead by church planters within The Crowded House will provide opportunity to interact and discuss issues relevant to your church.

You can find more information here.


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