Ten Things I Love about Woodstock

I was working through the Porterbrook Training module on Missional Community Life with a learning group recently and the exercise in the unit on Missional Engagement asked us to list ten things you love about your neighbourhood.

I thought it might be fun to post my thoughts here.  Ten things I love about Woodstock:

1. The ethnic, economic and cultural diversity

2. The Artisan Bakery has the best breakfast

3. You can paint your house (or parts) thereof weird colours and does not look out or strange

4. Jamaica Me Crazy has a nice selection of craft beers

5. Love finding bargains and interesting “junk” at the dump, Salvation army shop or a bunch of other (sometimes unnamed) shops around Woodstock.

6. Love the creative/artistic vibe that is growing in the area

7. It is so central to airports, public transport, major highways, city centre, and just about anywhere you care to go to in the city.

8. Espresso lab makes great coffee

9. Love the street art that you can find in all sorts of nooks and crannies

10. Love that I can get a great haircut for only R20 from my Congolese barber

Five months ago I would have said how much I love the “local” feel of having a beer, some awesome food and watching the rugby at Woodstock Lounge but under new owners it has a whole new look.  Food still tastes good but it feels like it has lost its soul.  (Update: Just read on the website that they the owners are avid Liverpool fans, might want to rethink what I said above, YMWA)

But although I have not been yet, I am sure the new Don Pedro’s and all His Beautiful Wives (owned by the Madame Zingara Group) looks really quirky and fun and might become a favourite place to visit (hope they are not expensive?)


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