Too much teaching… stop the madness!

It seems to me that the evangelical church believes the lie that if we simply know what is right then we will do what is right.

Why else would we continue week after week, in multiple times and occasions to gorge ourselves full of knowledge about the Bible, what it says, and how we ought to live in the light of it, but yet are generally known to be poor at walking with each other in genuine gospel communities of faith and struggle.

I am not taking aim at the need or necessity for Bible teaching nor our need for regular rhythms of teaching and reflection on the Bible.

Most often I know what I ought to do and think as a Christian.  The biggest struggle in my Christian life is believing the gospel in the moment.  It is not more taught truth that I need, what I need is to be reminded in the moment, in the struggle, of the truth that I already know.  And for that I need not another sermon, I need a friend, or a community of friends who will gently (or less gently if needed) remind me that Jesus is more glorious, gracious, satisfying and beautiful than whatever else I am facing or desiring.  Daily if necessary!

Sunday services and Sunday preaching by a professional are good but they are not , enough.  Because the call to follow Jesus is so radically counter-cultural and counter-intuitive I need the daily struggling together of a gospel community, sharing life together, if I am to be a faithful disciple of Jesus.


One thought on “Too much teaching… stop the madness!

  1. Colin

    John,you know this is my struggle and my sentiment.
    Thanks for being such a friend. To whom I can open up and be vulnerable.

    We need constant reminding of the Gospel. I need more depth of knowledge and insight into the story of God. So I guess constant teaching is good. But if we think that this is pleasing to God without an even greater desire to actually abound in love, and an impatient restlessness until we actually abandon ourselves to the risky way of Jesus, we are playing the fool with a holy God.

    I worry about the church. Not because I am better. But because we too easily slump into a culture of spiritaulised apathy.

    So I can’t do without a few friends who get this. But I can do without the stuff of the church as we know it. I fear that church. It is subtle trap. It is the opium of the people.

    Overstated? I say nay, nay.



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