The Honest Bible

My friend, Stephen Murray has started The Honest Bible – a Bible reading plan with comment.

Here is how he describes it: “Starting on Jan 1st 2012 I’m going to start reading the Bible and hopefully finish the whole thing by Dec 31st 2012. Each day I’ll reflect on what I’ve read. The reflections will be honest, raw and unscripted – this is not a devotional, it’s a struggle. Maybe my struggle might resonate with you and your own struggles with daily Bible reading, well then read with me and struggle along. I speak to enough people day-to-day to know that so many Christians struggle with this – let’s not struggle alone.”

I will definitely be keeping an eye on the blog.  Not sure if I will do follow the reading plan though.  Although I like the idea of reading along with a bunch of others.

I have used this reading plan from Tim Chester for the last two years and it has worked pretty well for me.  So might just continue in the same vein this year.

Of course there is also the much more ambitious 3650 Challenge that Tim Challies is signing people up for.  Looks really good…

I still a few days to make a decision…


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