Ordinary people wanted

In this post I spoke about us trying to plant a church without planting a church.  In that post (and probably others) I spoke about us wanted to recruit “a missionary band” to come join us in Woodstock.

For most Christians reading the word “missionaries” is to immediately disqualify themselves from this kind of ministry.  Most of us do not see ourselves as missionaries.  Missionaries are the elite squad, the hard-core, the probably just a little bit odd.  Me, I just fix cars, teach school children, do audits, sweep floors, write computer programmes, edit articles… how could I ever be a missionary.  While we desperately do need people to go to foreign lands, closed countries, post-Christian secular Europe, unreached people group etc.  We also need people to live under the reign of King Jesus in our streets, our pubs, our coffee shops, barber shops, football teams, schools, music venues.  If you feel called to go to a far off place then go, definitely go.  But those of us who stay are as much on mission as those who go.

When we are talking about a “missionary band” we are not talking about the extra-ordinary.  We are looking for the ordinary – the accountants, teachers, shop workers, students, mechanics, unemployed, waiters, barmen, stay-at-home moms, website designers.  We are looking for ordinary people who will live as ordinary people in community with other ordinary people, as a witness to the gospel in that place.  Christians who will live as  a community, in their community and for their community.   Ordinary people living ordinary life together with gospel intentionality.

As Christians we are not called to and nor are we able to save anyone.  What we are called to do is to demonstrate, in words and deed, that it is good to live under the reign of King Jesus.  We are looking for ordinary, messed up, broken, grace-saved people who are prepared to share life together with other ordinary broken, messed-up grace-saved people, gathered around God’s Word, as his people – living on mission to be a blessing to our communities.  Both through sharing the gospel with our words and demonstrating the gospel through our shared lives together.

We are not looking for professionals or those in full-time ministry.  Although professional, ordinary messed-up, broken, saved by grace Christians are welcome too.  We are looking for ordinary people, with ordinary jobs and ordinary lives who are prepared to live those ordinary lives in community with other ordinary Christians and on mission together in the ordinary, day-to-day stuff of everyday life.

More about what this could actually look like tomorrow.

But if you suspect this may be something you could give yourself to then contact me.


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