Living our Story from TCH Sheffield

Great little video clip with 3 very different people talking about what living as a community on mission looks like for them.  The mom, the entrepreneur and the student…

Living Our Story – Community from TCH Sheffield on Vimeo.

I met a couple of these folk when I was in Sheffield in 2009 and enjoyed a couple of meals with both Belinda and with Phil.

Two interesting “factoids”:

1. Belinda (the mom) and her husband Guy’s house is looking better than I saw it last time.  I had gone round to Tim Chester’s place for what I thought was another friendly chat about church and mission and my experiences at TCH when before I knew it I down the road at Guy & Belinda’s new house, lugging wood, rubble and other junk out to the soon-overflowing skip.  As Tim reminded me, everybody loves the idea of community until you actually have to live like community.  Lesson learnt.

2. Phil (the entrepreneur) is an Irishman who does not like beer???  But he does have the most seriously awesome basement (?) workshop/ lab/ lair to take over the world!


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