I stuck it to the man!

After thinking I was selling my soul to the man I am happy to report that I repented of my previous compromise and instead “stuck it to the man!” After only one day of training!

Hard core I am?  Ok so I confess I got the details all wrong, it was not data capturing but fieldwork that they were asking me to do.  And rather than a dull drudgery of 9-5 data crunching it was  going to be more like working crazy hours 6-7 days a week for about a month and a half.  Plus 2 weeks of training, for no pay of course, “cos we all know that is how the man rolls”.

The cost of earning the extra cash we decided was going to be too high for our existing ministry and relationships.  And for our family after what has been a really tough year for us.

We took the decision to rather enter the year refreshed, excited and full of energy for the mission God has called us to.  Rather than drained, worn out and needing a break. When it seemed like this opportunity for work was going to support our ministry it was a good option when it became obvious that it was going to detract from it – it was a bad option.  We believe that as followers of Jesus the ministry he has given us to do is the primary criteria for our decision-making.   Of course that does not exclude the possibility of working full-time in a regular job – as most Jesus followers must do.  What it does mean is that employment – the when, where, how, how much – is not our primary criteria for our decision-making.

So what about the money?  It is not our abilities or our employment which provides for our needs, it our Father in Heaven who is our great and gracious provider… even when the means He uses is regular employment.

So I am still hard-core right?


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