Working for the Man

I have been saying for a while now that getting paid to do ministry is a privilege and not a right.  Now I have to put my money where my theology is – I have a temporary job, working for the man.  If we are honest most of us missional types have a bit of a non-conformist streak in us, which God graciously uses for his glory.  So we like the idea of being funky baristas, photographers, consultants, web-designers, writers, basically anything that allows us to be a bit alternative in lifestyle and life-choices.

But as I was not seeming to cut it in any of these more acceptable missional practioner, alternate jobs, while still being cool I have been forced to actually believe my own rhetoric and get a real, real (repetition intended) job working for the Census 2011 doing data capturing.  Yes be aghast not only am I working for the man, but it will be mind numbingly boring in all likelihood with precious little redeeming “sexy” factor.

So if this blog falls eerily quiet over the next month and a half (yes I know it has been rather quiet of late anyhow) you now know that I have sold my soul to the man.

But on the less cynical side the extra cash I earn will hopefully help to consolidate us financially and set us up for ministry next year.

And it won’t hurt to experience the dullness and low job satisfaction that the majority of people in our country experience on a daily basis… and now how do I glorify God in all this?


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