Greg Allison on the Church

Robert Sager interviews Greg Allison, author of Historical Theology a few questions about his doctrine of the church.   Below are a few quotes from his answer to this question

Which aspect, or aspects, of ecclesiology do you think Christians neglect to their own detriment? Why?

“Let me answer by focusing on what aspects have been commonly neglected or underdeveloped in evangelical ecclesiologies”

“…for the last several decades evangelical ecclesiologies have for the most part concentrated on the functions of the church, and thus neglected to their bane the identity—the nature and attributes—of the church. For me, it is not possible to consider what the church should do until a prior matter—what the church is—has been settled”

“The headship of Jesus Christ over the church, while often given a nod in evangelical ecclesiologies, is rarely emphasized, resulting in local churches continuing to set their own agendas and following their own priorities instead of constantly asking themselves what the mind of the Lord is for their mission.”

“Speaking of mission, neglect of the missional characteristic of the church by ecclesiologies has led to confusion over what the gospel is; how the church’s mission relates to broader matters such social justice and the kingdom of God; why evangelism and missions are not just matters for a church committee to handle; and how the church is to engage in missional endeavors in the midst of cultures that are becoming increasingly post-Christian or violently anti-Christian. At the same time, I’m encouraged by some recent ecclesiologies that are addressing these and other commonly neglected aspects.”

You can read the whole article here.


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