Big Idea in 1 Peter

I am trying to capture the “big idea” of 1 Peter in a few succinct words or sentences to help clarify my thinking.  I do not think the big idea says everything there is to say from 1 Peter but it is a useful exercise to try capture the heart of the book.  What is the reason that Peter penned this letter to these scattered communities of Christians in Asia Minor.

“Do not surprised at the suffering you are experiencing this has always been the pattern of God’s Kingdom – suffering followed by glory.   This is the heart of the gospel and the pattern of God’s story in which you rejoice to participate.  Remembering the cross and anticipating the glory to come fills your lives together with a hope that frees you for a life of radical discipleship.”

Neither succinct nor pithy, thoughts, revisions, additions?

Previously I captured some key themes here & then expanded those thoughts with some thoughts on the Spirit & Mission


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