A Week in Woodstock

Monday got the week off to the best possible start.  A few weeks back I had signed up for a Fresh Expressions Conference, with Bishop Graham Cray, the Archbishops’ Missioner and Team Leader of Fresh Expressions in the UK.  I had been looking forward to the conference for a few weeks but the conference exceeded my expectations.  It was the breath of fresh air, the life to my soul that I had been needing.  I still have much to reflect on and process (hoping to post some reflections on the conference later this week) but I left inspired, encouraged and with great conviction as to what God is calling us to.  It was a day filled with stories of those who are ahead of us in the journey.  Stories of missional pioneers given permission to try new things, driven by the question:  “If we only do this who will we not reach?”

Tuesday Morning was another morning grappling with 1 Peter.  I am way behind on my preparation for teaching at holiday club!  But this was another post that came out of my reflections.

Wednesday morning  is Porterbrook morning.  Colin and I met with Fritz and Mawetu from the UCT Student Y to see how we can support and bless them in what they are doing with students.  One of our values with Porterbrook/ Intentional Encounters is to partner with those who have similar values and vision for ministry and find ways to support and enhance their work.  Not only did Fritz manage to sneak pre-10am breakfast special at 10:06 but possibly of more significance we had a productive and encouraging time, thinking how we can work together for the Kingdom.

On Friday afternoon I ventured into some unfamiliar territory to me – northern suburbs suburbia.  A late afternoon ale with Stephen & Colin – catching up and thinking together as to how Porterbrook training can add value to his ministry, and his future plans.

Saturday evening where else could I be but the Woodstock Lounge for some rugby.  The Stormers won, some great rugby & some fun debates with some other locals.   And of course a pint of Whale Tale Ale… if you enjoy a good beer, you really should try one.

Sunday was father’s day, and it never really struck me how significant that is to our family until I realised that last year Domingo was living in a place of safety, and had never really had a dad.  And yet there we all sat around the table singing grace, laughing and eating roast lamb.  Our family is an unusual family but I would not have it any other way!

And then an unexpected end to the week.  An impromptu Sunday evening invite to a friend struggling through some stuff, ended up in a discussion about her quite likely deciding to join us in doing simple, missional church… Jo and I’s most urgent prayer has been for people to join with us on mission, as a community.   Nothing is settled yet, and as with all things – this will be a journey, but some much-needed encouragement at the end of the week


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