A Week in Woodstock

On reflection a week that promised much, but probably delivered very little… at least from my limited view perspective.  Going into the week it looked like some promising activities and meetings that would be a productive use of my time, but a few things ended up being cancelled or rescheduled and in the end the week looked a bit different.  One thing I have to learn is to get more flexible and creative when my plans don’t work out.  Simple church is all about “creating work” for yourself.  When things don’t work I have to beware of defaulting to doing “ministry type things” that make me feel like I have ticked the boxes of productivity and significance.  Rather I need to take those times to simply be there in the community – watching, listening and learning.

Monday morning  was  good time  making some progress in my preparation for the Wellington Holiday Club where I will be teaching through 1 Peter.  Realised this morning that I am way behind schedule and the task of 9 teaching slots and one training session in the week is a lot bigger than I imagined! Need to put some serious work in this week.  This post was the result of my Monday morning!

I also went to investigate the possibility of using Mountain Road Primary School as a venue for an holiday club for kids during the September holidays.  The news is not looking good on using the venue.  But I did get to meet the principal and I was really impressed with her interest, her attitude and her love for the kids.  They pride themselves as being a school for the community – I’m hoping we can, in the future, partner together to help them do that.

Tuesday morning prayer was cancelled due  to missing wall at Alan and Nicole’s place, where we usually pray.  Hopefully we are back on track next week.  Might be some interest in some others joining us in praying for Woodstock – exciting.

One of the drawbacks with simple church is that there is (mostly) no regular paycheck.  And the reality is that the Scheepers treasury could do with a bit more income.  So on Tuesday afternoon I had an “interview” to be a potential quiz master with QuizNite Cape Town.  I have to do a bit of on the job training and then hopefully I can pick up some ad-hoc jobs and perhaps a regular gig when one becomes available.

Wednesday morning is Porterbrook morning.  Colin and I combined orienting a new students with some strategy and planning.  Still trying to nail down some of the details for the new Learning Centre.  But for now go check out the website and if you would like to know more contact Colin or myself.

Thursday afternoon I had coffee with Mark, the Anglican priest at St Mary’s Woodstock.  Part of our goal this year is simply to listen and learn from those who have been here longer than us.  It was good to be encouraged to practice the ministry of presence.  Rather than always having to put on a programme or give input, sometimes you just need to be there when people gather.  I was also encouraged to hear their heart for the broken and the needy – evidenced in counselling for among other things HIV, Drug Abuse, womans abuse & their Wednesday soup kitchen.  Mark reminded me that there are many very poor people in Woodstock and unemployment is a signficant issue.

Friday morning spent some time working on a talk for a Wellington holiday club meeting scheduled for Sunday afternoon, which was later cancelled.  Well I guess I at least have the makings of a decent blog post…

Saturday evening was spent partly watching the rugby at Woodstock Lounge.   I had a feeling the Stormers were going to lose this one, and much to my shock I have called every Stormers game correctly this season in terms of result.  Maybe I should consider putting some money on it… alternative way to do fundraising?  First thing the barman tells me when I walk in is they are out of my favourite ale, not a good start to the evening.  On the bright side the Woodstock Lounge celebrated 7 years on Saturday and I got a free shooter.  Not really my thing but hey it was free and I guess something of a recognition of my becoming a legitimate member of the community.  On a side note – if ever you are there – have an order of their huge potato wedges!

With the holiday club meeting cancelled for Sunday afternoon, we decided to spend some time together as a family on Sunday morning.  Green Point Urban Park.  It was a beautiful day and everyone knew it.  The park was filled with runners, cyclists, families, people throwing frisbees, having a picnic, reading the newspaper… a genuine community focal point.  The city has done a great job creating this urban park and from the looks of the areas still being developed – it will get even better.


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