Everyday Church: Mission by being Good Neighbours

Somehow this has become the unofficial Tim Chester promotion week.  I had heard this book was in the pipeline, a follow-up to Total Church.  But that was about all… until I stumbled across this promo video

As a sidenote – washing up must be Tim’s favourite analogy or illustration for almost anything.  He has even done this talk on “The Theology of Washing up”.  Actually a really great talk – well worth a listen.

But I must confess when I stayed with Tim for a few days a couple of years back, I remember trying to figure out where to put all the dishes when you did the washing up… those English kitchens are rather narrow!


3 thoughts on “Everyday Church: Mission by being Good Neighbours

  1. John Post author

    Ordinary imaginations I like that phrase – so apt. Our latest imagining is to put up a gate across our driveway. Our street is surprisingly busy -a bit of a throughfare from the main road. When we first moved in we resisted it because we liked the fact that our door was accessible. But with 2 young children it has meant we can never be out in the front of our house. And that it seem is key to connecting with our neighbours -something we have struggled with a bit so far.

    But if we put a gate up – we can be out there- washing the car, we could put a bench out there to sit and drink coffee or read, get some pot plants -do some gardening, play with the kids, have a braai going. Be available, be visible. Our great next step missional strategy for our street is to put a gate up – such an ordinary imagination.


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