Coffee with personality

Last week I dropped in on Jono Le Feuvre from Rosetta Roastery  in Woodstock – we had a good time talking about rethinking church, being missional and what makes a good coffee.

I wandered onto their website the other day and I love the way they describe their various coffees:

Costa Rican Estate Coffee: Calle Copey, Tarrazu:

The scent of a woman can do strange things to a man. Granted, of course, the right scent on the right woman. She was waiting on the stone wall outside the old town’s fruit market; a basket of peaches at her side, a cocoa blossom tucked behind her ear; her caramel skin glowing in the spring sunshine.

Ethiopian Single Origin: Kochere Yirgacheffe

While Lake Como is lovely at this time of year, it’s always ruined by those horribly gaudy celebrity galas – red carpets, black ties, orange skin. I prefer more elegant thrills; the subtle hint of honeysuckle on a spring breeze; a fragrant cup of Earl Grey tea, the warm citrus scent of marmalade on toast.

Indonesian Single Origin: Blue Batak

On first impressions the guy is tough to warm to; a grizzly beard, soil stuck beneath his fingernails, and the pervading smell of raw potato and lawn cuttings. A poster child for vegan anger management classes. But from his very first word he has you enchanted. His quirky turn of phrase forms the savoury herbs to season his weighty philosophy. Your mind spins long after he’s left you.

Ethiopian Single Origin: Sidamo

The creaky cabin door gave way and he stepped into the room. As a fire crackled in the corner, vin chaud steamed happily over open flames; the smell of cloves filled the room. She’d prepared a feast; spiced berries and apple pie beckoned to him.

And if you fancy yourself as a coffee connosiuer you may be refreshingly surprised by this article from the Rosetta blog.


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