That one thing?

You know how there are activities that you never do but every time you do them you feel so good you wonder why don’t you do that more.  And then you make all sorts of resolutions to yourself about how you are going to do this again tomorrow or next week or the next month… Ah I see you do!  Sort of like going to gym but only a thousand times better.

Well today I went up the mountain! On the mountain is where I feel alive! All those things that worry me, confuse me, weigh on me – somehow I climb a mountain and well I gain perspective.  Inevitably at some point I stop for a quick breather and as I muse, mumble, meditate and pray out loud, all of a sudden I realise that I have been sitting for far longer than I planned.  I kind of get a bit lost in prayer & reflection on the mountain.

Today I decided to read through 1 Peter as I climbed and explored the mountain.  Sitting among the fynbos, on top of the mountain, the Bible was alive.  I clearly heard God speak to me.  The words I had been reading many times over the past few weeks suddenly took on new life and new meaning.  Suddenly the text which in the “flatlands” was a uni-dimensional entity on a page was alive, moving, restless – convicting, challenging, encouraging, rejoicing.

Am I closer to God on the mountaintop?  No probably not.  But it is where I stop, where I breathe, where I actually listen.  What is that one thing that you need to do?  That thing that you always want to do, that you know you should do, kind of hope you could do but actually never do?  What is that one thing you do where you feel alive, where you stop, you breathe?  When is it that you actually listen?

Do that this week!


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