Missional is intention not method

I would like to make one clarification on yesterday’s post: I do not associate being missional with any particular method, style or structure of church.

Of course I think there are better and worse expressions of all of the above. But missional is an intention of  the heart and the will that desires to join with Him on His Mission for His glory.  And it is a life that flows out of that intention and expresses it imperfectly and in weakness dependant on the Spirit and compelled by the gospel truth.

Missional like every other facet of our Christian life is not dependant on our performance or our success but on the grace of God at work through us.  I know many Christians and pastors who would not be labelled missional but whose heart’s desire is firmly missional (even if they do not use those words).  But my experience is that often it is their very church structures and programmes, which although well-intended, actually prevent them from being the very thing they desire. Hence my previous post that when I speak of missional I speak of it as a 3-fold structure – theology, identity & lifestyle.

Missional is not a new thing – it is simply a calling back to the very old thing – the Mission of God to restore a people to himself and redeem his “very good” creation.


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