A whole lot of Woodstock

Last week I had a beer at my local with Arthur and Andrew, two Woodstock locals, who are also looking to do something organic and missional here in Woodstock.

Andrew does street art in Woodstock and further afield – check out his blog here.  In case you missed it those are Andrew’s photo’s at the footer of the blog!

Arthur works at The Warehouse and is rethinking church.  He’s blogging his journey here.   Here is how he sees it: “I don’t have all the answers, but I do have lots of thoughts and questions. And so do lots of people. So let’s talk.”

In the midst of a rather unsettled start to the year – it kind of makes you feel just a bit legit when the bartender at your local knows your favourite beer!  Starting to feel like a citizen of Woodstock rather than an outsider…starting to feel like maybe I belong… people recognise my face… I have a small history in the community.  Slowly I am becoming a part of Woodstock…

On Saturday I returned to the the local and as we watched rugby we discussed the Springbok team, local politics, tried to name the bartenders new band… Still feels a long way off having a conversation about Jesus though…  But as the tagline says “long-term, low-key, relational”!  Although what it be like if there was a whole community of us…

On a slightly different note, check out this clip on a great street-art project in Woodstock


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