Starting Over…

So why start a new blog?

In many ways a blog is a record of a journey, fresh expressions my old blog was I now realise a record of my journey into organic, missional church.

This blog then is the story of my beginning to live “a missional life”…

Missional is one of those buzz words that has become common place in church-speak and thus in danger of losing it’s meaning.  The concept of being missional is really “to think like a missionary”.   When a missionary arrives in a foreign culture he does not immediately begin to “plant a church” that resembles the one back home in style, time, structure etc.  No rather he arrives as a listener and a learner to firstly get to know the culture.While at the same time he arrives not as a church planter but as a gospel planter.  As he learns the culture of his new community, so he begins tentatively and with humility to speak the gospel into those cultural situations, using local language, art forms and means of communication.  Showing how the gospel addresses, fulfills or supercedes local fears, aspirations or values.

As we begin again (again), with Intentional Encounters & The Crowded House, we do so as missionaries to Woodstock.

PS the funky pics at the “footer” of the blog are by my friend Andrew – check out his blog and his artwork here.

Andrew also likes to graffiti Scripture!


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